L. L. Nelson, Author of The Lohikärran Chronicles

As a busy mom of three, with a full-time job and long commute, it’s always hard to find time to write, much less market my books. Especially when marketing has never been a strong point for me. There is plenty of great advice out there, but I’ve always struggled with implementing it because most days, when I do get time to myself, I usually don’t have the mental bandwidth to sort through different promotions or figure out how to best use what social media platforms I’m on. And especially when I’m about to launch a new book, I struggle with knowing where exactly to put my resources (both financial and energy-wise). Which is why I love Busy Author Marketing. It frees up a lot of time for me to focus on the creative aspects of marketing and I get a detailed plan on how to implement said marketing in a way that doesn’t feel rushed or haphazard. Along with creating a marketing timeline (for launches), Cady also sorts out different paid and free marketing opportunities that work well for my specific genre and when to use them ahead of a launch, which has saved me tons of time.

If you’re a new(ish) author or struggle with implementing general marketing advice ahead of a launch, I highly recommend Busy Author Marketing. It has helped me immensely and taken a lot of stress off of my plate. 

Meryl Yourish, Author of The Catmage Chronicles

Busy Author Marketing helped me go from being utterly overwhelmed about launching my new novel, to being able to follow a launch plan carefully crafted by Cady Hammer that allows you to easily follow the steps to marketing your book. The plan is detailed and thorough, with advice from improving your website and social media presence to which sources to use for promotions, ads, and blog tours.

I'm finding it so much easier to run a launch--I refer to the plan, pick something that needs to be done, then check it off the list and move onto the next one.

If you're not as organized as you'd like to be, or if you find yourself, like me, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things that need to be done, have Cady make you a plan. It's cheap at twice the price!